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Wireless 3D printing

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Send designs wirelessly to a 3D printer

The Doodle3D WiFi-Box is little device that makes your compatible 3D-printer wirelessly accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet via the included sketch app or Doodle3D Transform. It supports almost all open-source 3D-printers.

Seamless Integration with Doodle3D Tansform

Doodle3D Transform integrates perfectly with the Doodle3D WiFi-Box. Prepare your prints in Doodle3D Transform and send them wirelessly to your 3D printer  without the need for an external Slicer. The Doodle3D WiFi-Box supports almost all open-source 3D-printers

Sketch app included

The WiFi-Box contains the simple Doodle3D Sketch app which runs in your webbrowser. With the Doodle3D Sketch app you can design beautiful 3D-prints from simple 2D-drawings. This is a separate app from our Doodle3D Transform app.

Printer Compatibility

The Doodle3D WiFi Box aims to connect any wireless drawing device (computers, tablets and mobile phones) to any 3D-printer. Printer support depends on openness of the printer’s platform. If you have an open-source 3D printer we’re almost sure we can support your printer, since we can find out how to communicate with it. In this document, a support overview of the most widely used 3D printers is given.

Here are a few examples of 3D printers supported by the Doodle3D WiFi Box:

Ultimaker (Ultimaker 3 not tested yet)
Original Prusa i3 MK2
Makergear (M3 not tested yet)
Makerbot (except for 5th generation printers)
RF 100

Would you like to have a full overview of supported printers? Get in touch with us via the chat function (click on the green chat icon on the bottom-right).

Send designs wirelessly to your 3D printer

The Doodle3D WiFi Box connects your drawing device to a 3D printer. It supports almost all open-source 3D-printers.

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