Getting started with Doodle3D

Welcome to Doodle3D! Doodle3D allows you to get started with 3D design in a fun and easy way. On this page, we help you getting started with Transform, the WiFi-Box or the Sketch app.  

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Transform interface, the basics

Transform has two separated views:

The 2D to 3D interface of Doodle3D

To get started, let's try out the most important tools of the Transform interface:


Explore the use of various tools, like the Freehand tool and start drawing your shapes in the left 2D panel. 


By using the Select tool you can move and scale shapes.


When you have shapes selected you will see two buttons appear in the centre between the 2 panels: duplicate and delete.


The Duplicate tool that duplicates any shape(s) you have selected when you click on it.


The Delete button that deletes any shape(s) you have selected when you click on it.


The main tool in the 3D panel is the Extrude tool. This tool allows you to scale a shape on the z-axis and move it along the z-axis.


Feel free to experiment and tinker with the tools in the interface. You can always use the Undo button to go back one or more steps


Use the New Doodle button in the left hamburger menu to start a new design.


Do not forget to  Save your design before you close your browser!

Transform cheat sheet

This image explains the functions of the buttons in the Doodle3D Transform app:

How to set up your WiFi-Box

The Doodle3D WiFi-Box is little device that makes your compatible 3D-printer wirelessly accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet via the included sketch app or Doodle3D Transform. It supports almost all open-source 3D-printers.

These are a few links that will help you setup your WiFi-Box:

WiFi-Box + Transform: design and print

Doodle3D Transform integrates perfectly with the Doodle3D WiFi-Box. Prepare your prints in Doodle3D Transform and send them wirelessly to your 3D printer  without the need for an external Slicer. The Doodle3D WiFi-Box supports almost all open-source 3D-printers.

How to update your WiFi-Box

Because we are constantly improving our products, an update for the firmware of your WiFi-Box may become available once in a while.