Doodle3D in the Classroom

Inspire your pupils to design and create

Help prepare your students to be innovators by introducing 3D design in the classroom today.

3D Design made easy

Doodle3D Transform is easy to use in class as it relies on a skill you and your pupils are already familiar with: 2D drawing.

Educational volume licenses

Ideal for students..

  • The 2D to 3D interface of Doodle3D

    It's easy: 2D to 3D

    Doodle3D is the easiest and most accessible starting point for 3D design. Get started using the skills you and your pupils are already familiar with; 2D drawing. 3D design and 3D printing are now more accessible than ever.

  • A house drawn and printed with Doodle3D

    Expressing creativity

    A unique 2D-to-3D interface allows pupils to start with 2D and transform into 3D, letting them start with simple familiar tools that allow them to not only engineer their solutions, but also express their creativity while doing so

  • 3D drawing for children

    Students are in charge

    Students are now able to own the whole process of 3D printing: from idea to sketch to the design of their model, to wirelessly sending their designs to a 3D printer.

And their teachers...

  • Your 3D class: up and running in minutes

    Doodle3D’s 2D-to-3D approach makes 3D design easy to teach in the classroom while providing one of the world’s most fun design experiences for students. You can start with anything, images or even simple marker drawings. We also provide quick tutorials on making projects and on using the tools.

  • Easy design management

    With Doodle3D’s school accounts, all your students design files are gathered into a single place, giving you a complete overview of all doodles your pupils created. In combination with a Doodle3D WiFi-Box enabled 3D printer, you can 3D print directly from the Transform interface, completely wireless.

  • No 3D printer bottleneck

    Transform is not just for 3D printer equipped schools and schools and classrooms. Export to Sketchfab and have your students look at their own designs in VR! Have a lot of designs to print? Using one of Transform’s integrated 3D printer service providers, you can have your prints delivered to your doorstep within days.

Purchase a volume license for your school or library

Volume licenses are available at our webshop and offer increasing discount for bigger orders. Doodle3D's license structure is flexible. For example: an account key for 10 users can be used to create 10 individual accounts, or host 10 concurrent users on 1 account, or any combination where the total amount of users does not exceed 10 concurrent users.

Educational volume licenses

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What educators say about Doodle3D

"I have been LOVING the Transform tool. I have done a few workshops with kids ages 5-7, and they have found it super engaging, fun, and interesting. They have really enjoyed seeing their 2D drawings come to life. I have found that working with clay as an introduction to thinking about how we design in 3D to be quite valuable as a starting point. That way, when they begin using Transform, they have a reference point of what something will feel like, look like, etc. in 3 dimensions."


Maker Educator at KID-Museum, USA

"We use Doodle3D Transform for workshops at schools and public events. The great thing is that everyone can use the tool without prior knowledge. It is perfect for simple 3D designs which can be then be printed on a 3D-printer. Well done!"


Werkstatt, Germany

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3D printer, doodle3D Transform on iPad

Innovate in education

With new technologies as 3D printing and Virtual Reality becoming more and more available in our world, the future of your students and the way they interact with technology and information is highly changing. We believe everybody should be able to take part in this revolution and create for these new paradigms. Doodle3D Transform enables you to contribute to innovative education.

Students use Doodle3D Transform in the classroom

Promote problem solving skills

Working with 3D design and 3D printing contributes to student’s problem solving skills, enabling them to improve the way they handle problems they face in learning and real life. 3D design in combination with children’s creative minds, provides them with the ideal tool to map out possible solutions to a problem, test them and respond to issues through trial and error.

Young girl uses the scan and trace camera tool of Doodle3D

Creating independent responsible makers

In an age where anyone can potentially make anything, being innovative is more important than ever. This means it is important to enable students to get familiar and confident with design thinking, 3D product design and programming, so they can participate in that trend now and when they grow up. By stimulating students to use real world, severe - or more day to day problems - as starting points for their 3D projects, they will realize they can tackle them and take responsibility in the future.

Doodle3D Transform is 3D drawing and printing for young children

Hands-on learning

Through the involvement of 3D design and 3D printing in your educational program, it becomes possible include a hands on learning approach in all subjects. Numerous ways arise to design and critically review physical objects related to the arts, but also topics in geography mathematics and biology. Students are provided with a tool that enables them to replicate and analyse phenomena occurring in the actual world, or create new objects that affect the actual world.

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