Doodle3D Transform

3D design made easy

Doodle3D Transform

3D design made easy

What if anyone could be a designer?

Doodle3D Transform makes creating for the 3D world accessible and fun for everyone. No specific skills are required to start, so it’s perfect for children and designers who want to get started with 3D modelling and printing. By starting out with that what we are more familiar with: 2D, everybody can create their first 3D design in minutes.

A 3D model of a robot created with Doodle3D

1. Draw in 2D

Start drawing with that what you know: 2D. Create a new drawing or import an image or a picture of your drawing on paper.

2. Transform to 3D

Your drawing is transformed to 3D in realtime and you can easily adapt your 3D model.

3. Put it out there

Share your model with others, export it to OBJ or STL or directly 3D print your model.

Available via your web browser on any device

Doodle3D available on desktop
Doodle3D available on Android
Doodle3D available on iOS
Doodle3D is an easy and powerful 3D design tool

Easy and powerful

Create an advanced 3D design in minutes with just a handful of tools via your web browser on any device.

You can create products for the physical world with Doodle3D

Create for the physical world

Making unique, fun and useful 3D prints becomes easy with Doodle3D Transform.

Doodle3D is a 2D to 3D app

2D to 3D

Doodle3D transform your 2D drawing to a 3D object, making 3D design accessible for anyone.

Share and 3D print with Doodle3D Transform

Share and 3D print integration

Integrations with external services as Sketchfab, to share your model with others or view it in Virtual Reality.

Get Started

From quick sketches to
complete masterpieces

See, what others made with Doodle3D Transform. What are you going to make?

A gameboy controller created with Doodle3D Transform

by crizta

A 3D drawing of ice cream created with Doodle3D

by Jente1989

A juice press drawn in 3D with Transform

by petertenuithoven

A 3D model of a Unicorn

by Hilde

A 3D model of an airplane drawn in Doodle3D Transform

by Najhome

Sunglasses model

by zalanki

Create your own design today

Doodle3D Transform for Education

Doodle3D Transform makes creating for the 3D world accessible and fun for everyone. By starting with that what you and your pupils are already familiar: 2D drawing, everybody can start with 3D design and printing in minutes.

3D design and 3d printing by students with Doodle3D
Doodle3D Transform used by primary school kids

Prepare your students for tomorrow

More on Doodle3D For Education

Doodle3D WiFi-Box:
wireless 3D printing

The Doodle3D WiFi-Box is little device which makes your compatible 3D-printer wirelessly accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet via the co-supplied sketch app or Doodle3D Transform. It supports almost all open-source 3D-printers.

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Doodle3D WiFi-Box
Wireless 3D printing with the Doodle3D WiFi-Box

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Cat eating a printed doodle3D model of a fish, created by Doodle3D
Model and 3D print chess pieces with Doodle3DCreate your own 3D castle with Doodle3D
3D printed airplaneWireless printing with the Doodle3D WiFi-Box
Create protection with Doodle3DPrint your own sunglasses

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